Sunday, 17 May 2015

Diamonds in the Rough

They say that five good things can happen to you in one day, but that if one bad things happens amongst it, all five good things are forgotten.

Just like that, all of that good gets discounted.

Whilst I have not had five good things and one bad thing happen today, I have had a crappy last few weeks. And by past few weeks, I mean month and a half. And by crappy, I mean crappier than crap. Literally, April, and May so far, has been S*@%. Beyond S*@%. But today, after stumbling into the photo's and video's I took before everything went to pot, I remembered that...

 ...Yes. Life can sometimes knocks you down, and whilst your down it can, and often will, kick you over and over again, and when everything seems to have calmed, and you finally think it's stopped, and you make your way to stand once more...BANG. It'll kick you down again, but when I can (and I say "when I can" because sometimes your head's just too battered in do anything for a bit.) I have to take note of the good stuff, 

We so often miss, or take for granted the small stuff that make us happy, or the good people that surround us or come into our presence,

So right now, I acknowledge the diamonds in the rough. (I know that phrase is used in reference to people with great, but hidden, qualities, but I really feel this fits here, so I'm rolling with it) I  acknowledge those little (or big. I'm in no way discriminatory here) things that pop up, or are always there, but are overlooked, (especially during the crappy times.)

And for me, a good ol' diamond I've been focusing on to get me through, is family.

Mother's day (a good two months ago now) and that look on my mum's face = a Diamond moment.

The way this massive cupcake I made for my brother's 13th birthday turned out so yummy (according to him) and so gorgeous = a Diamond moment

The look on my brother's face when he found, and scoffed, said cupcake = a Diamond moment

The togetherness, and the Frozen cake I was given for my birthday = a Diamond moment.

And there are so much more.

So, even if I can only muster this for a day, today I refuse to feel the weight of my current circumstances. Today, whilst laying here   on this figurative floor, with my face crushed against its oak panels (for some reason it's an oak floor in my mind. Don't ask me why.) I shall acknowledge the greatness amongst all the crap. A shall acknowledge the beauty of the grooves in the oak. I shall find the diamonds in the rough.


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