Wednesday, 31 December 2014

On the Seventh Day of Christmas...| The Frosted, Subtle, New Years Eve Look

 I've been a sloth for the past few days, (drinking mulled wine in my Pyjamas), but as it's the last day of 2014, with only a few hours left 'till the BIG "2015", I think it's high time I put on some sort of a face. And so, to welcome in the New Year, I've Ended up with this. A frosted, subtle look.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

On the sixth Day of Chrstmas...| Presents still under the tree

We aren't like most families. Very rarely do our presents get opened on the 25th of December.

It started off when we were little. If we were naughty, we weren't allowed to open our presents, not until we learnt the error of our ways, or until mum felt we had suffered enough. We would cry, we would whine, but it did the job, if we wanted to open our present we'd better behave.

As a tradition, we open our presents after our dinner. Bellies stuffed, nighties and pyjamas back on. And so, as we've gotten older, we have gotten used to this arrangement of the 25th going by with presents still sat under the tree (mum still finds it necessary to make us wait, of course. Besides, it's not as if our stroppy outburst and arguments have improved with age).

Our presents are usually opened before New Years eve, but as it stands, it's the 30th, there's been another full on argument, and as you can probably tell by the images, we still have a bundle of presents under the tree. However, unlike the younger Kartonia, I now kind of like this tradition of ours. It's unique to us. It allows the festive feeling to continue as it should do along these twelve days of Christmas, not to mention the bargains I got on those presents I couldn't get before 25th, which I've now secretly slotted secretly under the tree.  Genius.


Monday, 29 December 2014

On the fifth day of Christmas...| Help, these people are Bonkers

I've been absorbing my families antics today. Like really absorbing, taking it in and noticing the details.
There's Noise, there's Banter, there's Arguments. It's bonkers.

Noise:Today, sat there, watching a film,we spoke. And by "spoke", I mean, all of us spoke, at the same time, all over each each other, our voices getting louder as we each fought for our voices to be heard. Who knows what they were talking about, I can't even remember what it was I was talking about, but all I know is that several times today,  voices were raised until a blur of screams ensued, and my head began to spin.

Banter: We always tease each other, but seriously, this Christmas, a season of goodwill and love, has seen some serious banter going on. Banter, which, to the untrained ear of any normal being, would do nothing but offend. Even as i quickly type this now, I've just been sworn at by sister, who has followed her expletive by the sweetest of smiles. But it's

Arguments: A series of Arguments having broken out so far. Slammed doors, knocked over presents. Swearing, Footsteps storming up the stairs, and fights over the last chocolate are pretty normal things anyway, but as usual the Christmas festivities has only highlighted and amplified.

Together, honestly, we're off our rockers. I pity those who turn up on our doorstep, or those merely walking past our house. The sounds that must come from our house (I'm guessing it sounds like a mixture of squealing pigs, excitable pigeons, koalas, and thundering elephants) must be petrifying.

We're Loud and we're Bonkers, and I love it, but shh, don;t tell this lot that.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

On the fourth day of Christmas... | Sparkly, pretty, Christmasy Homes.

Oh, that warm, fuzzy feeling that a house decked out for Christmas gives me is on another level.

Since the beginning of December (mid November for some) homes, streets, shops, you name it, having been decking themselves out for Christmas, ours included. Outside of our house, amongst other lights, stands these gorgeous reindeer, and I am in love with them. My love is as strong for them this year as it was the last and shows no signs of dwindling. I genuinely fear for their safety. I mean,, they're so preety. What if  their lights go out forever? What if the wind finds a way to take them away? What if we need a replacement and never find them, or the equivalent to them again? What if -- Shh. I can't think about it. I won't. But how cute. eh?

My granddad's Christmas bells.

 We always have this little otter on the windowsill, but he just looked so cute with golden lights of Christmas and the sun going down.

There's something so magical, and heart-warming about this time of year, with its twinkly lights, baubles, and golden hues. Shops, streets, and houses are glimmering and I'm dreading the 5th of January when it's time for them to come down.

Until then, I will continue to bask in the festive warmth and twinkling lights that surround me.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

On the Third Day of Christmas... | An Abundance of Food

Food, food, food. There's so much yummy food.

I cooked this year, an act which is becoming a bit of a habit in our house, and, as the tables currently stand filled with nibbles, the fridge still has scrum-diddly-umptious leftovers that are dwindling fast, We're eating full, hearty meals of meat and sauces in the morning for goodness sake. We're eating chocolate for lunch. There is no order to our madness, and I'm loving it. 

My mum made these yummy spicy, fish fritters, which have disappeared and have had to be remade several times so far. They're are seriously too good.  

 My signature summer-fruit muffins were requested by my younger brother. And the cake, of the same sort, sits in my new cake tins by Denby. I love these tins a little too much, my brother, of course, loves what they are designed to hold.

Oh, I love Christmas. 

Friday, 26 December 2014

On the Second Day of Christmas... | Boxing Day

…Annnnnnd the secrecy, wrapping, and distribution of gifts continue.

I love taking out my well-hunted pressies from their hiding places, wrapping them up and seeing them look all pretty with their bows, which leads me to one of the things I love about Christmas.
Giving presents.

As a child it was always about wishing to see what it was that was under the tree for me, but now, finding that one thing I feel fits that certain person, seeing the look on their face as they receive their well wrapped gift, especially if it turns out they really like it, feels sooooo good. I love it. It's a serious natural high for me, people. A serious natural high.

What about you, do you love hunting, wrapping and handing out presents, or does the mere thought of next Christmas's present hunt fill you with dread?

Thursday, 25 December 2014

On the First Day of Christmas... | Love and be Loved

Merry Christmas!

The last few days of advent has seen me running around like a headless chicken on the hunt for presents (which, like every year, I had planned to do in advance, but, as usual, failed) and stocking up on lots of yummy nibbles, drinks and food for this Christmas period.

And so it begins. Christmas is here. The first day of Christmas. A day where family can row and food can burn like never before, but before doors start slamming, or possible wishes for the day and Christmas period in general to end, take a second and look around you. I mean really look. Look past all of the annoying little stuff. Look past the present you possibly hate, the effort you've put in to something that seems to have been overlooked, the rowdy aunt in the corner, or the cremated food, and take what's there in. This is your family, no matter how big, small, annoying, or loud. These are your friends. This is your Christmas. Love and be loved.

So, whilst I'm about to go and bang the turkey in the oven, whilst half of my family are still asleep, and the other half are nattering in the living room, I just wanted to say that, wherever, or whoever you are with today, be it family, or strangers, I send you lots and lots of love and wish you a merry, merry Christmas.

Kartonia. xx

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