Thursday, 28 May 2015

The ELIMU Phoenix has risen

Carnival is, yet again, around the corner. And this year, I am soooooo excited, and filled with pride, with the mas band I was born into. ELIMU.

Having been a member of this band since I was a foetus in my mother's womb, ELIMU has only ever been, in my eyes, a band of progression,  For the last few years, however (ever since some of our key designers went off to do other things) things have kind of...well, taken a dive.

Some of the new designers that took hold of the 'head designer' baton where simply overwhelmed, some didn't have the heart for it, or were dipping their toes into an area they had no real desire in, but were doing it simply because they were asked. But enough of all of that. This year, ELIMU has returned to glory.
Melissa Simon-Hartman

One of our former designers, Melissa Simon-Hartman, has decided to slip back into her her rightful role as Designer, and not just designer, designer, but HEAD Designer.

Tiffanni Thompson

Working with Melissa, we also have costumes by Tiffanni Thompson, which, again, makes me so happy. When I was little she was always the creative, artistic type, teaching me how to create the perfect bubble writing and graffiti text (on paper). Now she has cast her spell on us with her 'LUST' section.

A Resurrection has taken place people, and ELIMU has quite rightly noted this as an
 ELIMU Resurrection production.

THE FALLEN is the theme. And there are Seven deadly Sins playing it out. in the form of Sections
Here's a few to wet your pallet... 

ENVY: Section Designed by Melissa Simon-Hartman


WRATH: Section Designed by Melissa Simon-Hartman

'LA DIABLESSE'  (Frontline)

'LA DIABLESSE'  (Midline)

PRIDE: Section designed by Melissa Simon-Hartman

'MEDEA' (Frontline)

'MEDEA' (Midline)

'MEDEA' (Backline)

'JASON' (Frontline)


LUST : Section Designed by Tiffanni Thompson
(frontline - backline costumes)


ELIMU is a family who welcomes all with open arms, so if you're interested in becoming a member of the family for a day or two, and are looking for something exciting to do this summer, why not head over to and pick a costume from a wider range. 

Don't hesitate, sections are filling up fast.

 I've already picked mine, hopefully I'll see you there.



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