Saturday, 4 October 2014

Colours of the Rainbow Makeup | Red & Gold

I haven't been wearing much make up recently - who am I kidding? I haven't worn any make at all. Sacré bleu! I know, I know. So I thought why not, in jumping back in, make a SPLASH. 

A splash of Red & Gold

Now, you might be saying, 'Oh for goodness sake, Kartonia. Summer has finished now, This looks summery.' And to you I say.  A summer face is cool. You don't need to restrict yourself. Besides, it's still kind of summery outside. And look. Red and gold. It kind of looks like the leaves on the trees at this time of year... kind of.

To start off I gave my skin a bit a moisture with Avon's Royal jelly face cream. and then plopped on a bit of Avon's Extralasting concealer.

On my eyes there's Maybelline colour 24hr eye-shadow in Eternal Gold and some of this this little pot of gold eye-shadow glitter that I have. (I've lost it's lid and can't remember where I got it from, so were just going to have to call it that. "little pot of gold" Sorry.)

Now, I don't have any red eye shadow, so, waste not, want not and all that, I used some of my lippy. Avon's Matte Ruby 

I also have Avon's Extralasting 

liquid eye-liner and Jillian Dempsey lash booster

On my cheeks, my favourite and long term partner in crime, is Avon's Arabian glow Deep bronze.  It's what Avon calls a Multistylo, as it can be used on your eyes, cheeks and lips. I've been buying this for years. Love it.

And then, stepping it up a notch, I wore the Matte Ruby in the way it was intended.  

A splash of colour or what,

Will you dare add a splash of colour?


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