Friday, 29 August 2014

Notting Hill Carnival Monday | Dancing in the Rain

I write this post (on the 26th of august) with a sore throat (I must have been doing a lot of screaming), Sore hips, thighs, shoulders and feet that are refusing any sort of weight on them.

And that, my friends, is how I know that Carnival was AMAZING this year.

Even my tights told me I had a good time. Look at the state of them. (Just so you know, they're not supposed to have holes in them.)

Don't worry, I'm not going to upload a picture of what I look like right now. I don't want you to fall off your chair/bed, choke on what your eating or give you nightmares. I will, however, give you the likes of these...

It poured. Oh my goodness did it pour. Carnival Monday saw buckets and buckets of rain fall down on us and those brave enough to turn up. Did it dampen spirits? Of course not. If anything, it added fuel to our figurative flames of excitement and passion.

It's like my Dad said, "Rain on carnival separates the average partier from a true raver." Yes, he said "raver". And he couldn't be more right, because, in telling me that the best carnival he went to when he was younger was one where it poured, I snapped him on that. I could relate. This was an amazing carnival.

I was soaked to the bone by the end of it. My corset was drenched, my hair was soaking, but funny enough my make up hadn't budged. Honestly though, dancing in the rain for seven hours probably isn't the smartest thing to do, (I was shivering like crazy when I got home, even after I came out of steaming, hot shower), but boy was it fun.

So, to those dark clouds swelled with rain I say... bring it on. You can't stop us from partying through the streets.

Where were you on Carnival Monday? 

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