Monday, 29 December 2014

On the fifth day of Christmas...| Help, these people are Bonkers

I've been absorbing my families antics today. Like really absorbing, taking it in and noticing the details.
There's Noise, there's Banter, there's Arguments. It's bonkers.

Noise:Today, sat there, watching a film,we spoke. And by "spoke", I mean, all of us spoke, at the same time, all over each each other, our voices getting louder as we each fought for our voices to be heard. Who knows what they were talking about, I can't even remember what it was I was talking about, but all I know is that several times today,  voices were raised until a blur of screams ensued, and my head began to spin.

Banter: We always tease each other, but seriously, this Christmas, a season of goodwill and love, has seen some serious banter going on. Banter, which, to the untrained ear of any normal being, would do nothing but offend. Even as i quickly type this now, I've just been sworn at by sister, who has followed her expletive by the sweetest of smiles. But it's

Arguments: A series of Arguments having broken out so far. Slammed doors, knocked over presents. Swearing, Footsteps storming up the stairs, and fights over the last chocolate are pretty normal things anyway, but as usual the Christmas festivities has only highlighted and amplified.

Together, honestly, we're off our rockers. I pity those who turn up on our doorstep, or those merely walking past our house. The sounds that must come from our house (I'm guessing it sounds like a mixture of squealing pigs, excitable pigeons, koalas, and thundering elephants) must be petrifying.

We're Loud and we're Bonkers, and I love it, but shh, don;t tell this lot that.

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