Tuesday, 30 December 2014

On the sixth Day of Chrstmas...| Presents still under the tree

We aren't like most families. Very rarely do our presents get opened on the 25th of December.

It started off when we were little. If we were naughty, we weren't allowed to open our presents, not until we learnt the error of our ways, or until mum felt we had suffered enough. We would cry, we would whine, but it did the job, if we wanted to open our present we'd better behave.

As a tradition, we open our presents after our dinner. Bellies stuffed, nighties and pyjamas back on. And so, as we've gotten older, we have gotten used to this arrangement of the 25th going by with presents still sat under the tree (mum still finds it necessary to make us wait, of course. Besides, it's not as if our stroppy outburst and arguments have improved with age).

Our presents are usually opened before New Years eve, but as it stands, it's the 30th, there's been another full on argument, and as you can probably tell by the images, we still have a bundle of presents under the tree. However, unlike the younger Kartonia, I now kind of like this tradition of ours. It's unique to us. It allows the festive feeling to continue as it should do along these twelve days of Christmas, not to mention the bargains I got on those presents I couldn't get before 25th, which I've now secretly slotted secretly under the tree.  Genius.


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