Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dressing Table staple | The Royal Effect. (Lotions or Creams?)

It's my baby. Seriously. This cream, along with a few other bits and bobs, holds pride of place on my dressing table, not to mention a snugly spot in my handbag. 
Avon's Royal Jelly Hand Cream
Finding a great moisturiser can be difficult. Lotion or Cream? That can be confusing. For those of you who don't know, there is a difference between the two, and depending on your skin type, the time of year, or even certain parts of your body, one will work better for you than the other.

Lotions: Lotions have a higher ratio of water to oil in their make up. This makes them thinner, offering a light dousing of moisture. Perfect if you're not looking for much.
Creams: With a higher ratio of oil to water, creams are thicker and creamier than lotions. (Well, duh, Kartonia, check out its name.) Absorbed into the skin their moisturising properties tend to long outlast that of lotions.

I know that personally, when it comes to choosing between lotions or creams, I always choose creams, especially when it comes to my hands. Lotions in that area, for me, just don't do the trick.

So whilst I introduce you to my new lover, I feel it's only right I give you a quick break down as to why I've fallen for this hand cream above all the rest. 

v  It's a great moisturiser. And, unlike many other creams, leaves your hands feeling super soft all day. (well, at least until you wash them.)
v  You don't need to use much at all. A little dollop goes a long way.
v  The price is amazing for the magical qualities this innocent looking cream possesses. £1.50? BARGAIN.

v  Works wonders on other parts of your body too. I know it says "hand cream", but I certainly don't limit the powers of this beauty, (a little smidgen on my elbows and feet, and anywhere else that needs a boost, does me just as good.) I love it even more than Vaseline
Avon's Royal Jelly lip treatment. SPF15
v  I've even gone as far as using the lip balm. Just a smidgen of this, even under my lipstick, and I'm good to go.

My Number One Tip:  Whatever moisturiser you use, whether that be lotion, cream or even oil, try to use it immediately after showering, bathing, or washing your hands. That way you lock in that moisture. It works wonders. Trust me.

And remember, you don't have to use the same moisturiser on your face as you do your body. I don't. I don't even use the same soap on my face as I do my body. The key here is to assess your skins needs. Sometimes different areas of skin require different amounts of attention and care. Dabble. Find out what works for you.

So there it is. My favourite hand cream.  Have you fallen head over heels for the wonders of one lotion or cream yet or do you dabble? 

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