Friday, 29 August 2014

Notting Hill Carnival Sunday | Elimu Welcomes TFL

Sunday (traditionally known as Children's day) at the Notting hill Carnival consisted of Sunshine, music and dancing.

On Carnival Sunday the adults in our band don't wear the costumes. Instead they parade around in their T-shirts representing the theme and getting merry. However, this year we had two t-shirts, and Sunday, unlike Monday (which was Blue and representing our theme), was all about the colour Red. Red? Why yes.

This year we were partnered with TFL (Transport for London), and not only were we celebrating carnival, but 60 years since the launch of the Routemaster bus.

Mum dons a white wig, of which she happily wears all the way home.

Tired, but ready for Monday


  1. You and your Mamma look an amazing pair!! hehehe. I've never been to the Notting hill Carnival, is it good?! :D Notting hill still always makes me think of Hugh Grant.. mmmm ;) xxx

    1. Aw, thanks, hun. The Notting hill carnival is so much fun. And Hugh grant, Notting Hill? Yum. Unfortunately there's been no signs of the likes whilst I've been there. xx


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